Format: PC

Released: August 2015

One More Line is a simple game that’s easy to learn, difficult to master and an absolute blast¬†with friends. You are a small arrow moving at a constant speed forward with your road ahead blocked with nodes. Crash into them and it’s games over. Simply press a button to slingshot around them and let go when you want to swing free. How long can you last?

It’s deceptively simple premise masks some real strategy and skilled timing work

The beauty of the game lies in its strategy and timing. Pressing slingshot briefly lets you course correct but as the road gets more cluttered sometimes you may need to swing round and round to get your bearings. Those moments are a luxury however more often than not spinning around all the way will send you flying straight into another node and it’s game over. The motion and control response is fluid though and so after a few go’s you’ll be starting to slalom your way through the debris chasing your own hi scores.

One More Line could be renamed One More Go because it’s quick fire assault means the game over screen will hit you quickly and often. A healthy stats screen for single player measures your distance forward and your averages alongside leaderboards and steam achievements too.

It’s deceptively simple premise masks some real strategy and skilled timing work

It’s the 2-4 player local multiplayer however where the real battles and laughs are found and because it’s a one button game – it’s an easy sell to new players. Depending on the mode you will either be playing in your own lanes competing for a time attack score or the first to 100 points – or you could be all in the same lane trying to not crash into eachother. There is a nice variety of modes that switch things up and they can all be score attacked on single player too.

Whilst the vast majority of the time One More Line is great fun, there are occasions where you will expect to slingshot from the nearest node to you but actually it grabs a different one beyond that. It can be annoying when you are about to do your best and feel like it’s not your fault that you crashed out.


  • Simple to learn, hard to master
  • Definitely has the one more go factor in spades
  • Minimalistic graphics are¬†quite pretty (Spirograph anyone?)
  • Multiplayer is fantastically frantic


  • Occasionally scuppered by the game confusing itself


Simple, quick, furiously fun and frustrating in equal measure – this is one for the hi score chasers and local multiplayer gamers. A beautifully executed game of timing, strategy and reflexes.

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