Welcome one and all!

A hearty welcome from me, Simon, to higherplaingames.com! This will run as the sister website for the daily YouTube channel I also run. I’m not affiliated with anyone or anything; I’m just one guy trying to bring informative and detailed journalism back to gaming. That is the single goal with this website that I earmarked a year ago and now launch today!

I will be aiming to post 3 times a week at the moment as I also run a few other websites, but those posts will be in-depth and usually game reviews. As I will be buying the games, or being given them to review – you’ll mainly find PC, PS4, PS Vita, 3DS and retro consoles being catered for here as I do not own an XBox (One). Once I’ve settled on a format that works, I will then aim to increase the posts to 5 days a week and perhaps everyday in the future.

Feedback is absolutely appreciated – both on my YouTube channel and my website – and if you really like what I do, I also run a Patreon campaign to enable me to improve my equipment – with a view to maybe dedicating some of my actual work time to things if this becomes successful. The main priority for me though is to share my experiences with the things I love and I’ll be doing that with game reviews, let’s plays, fun lists, interviews with developers and at a later date podcasts and video interviews.

I look forward to taking you all on a journey with me. Thanks for coming along.


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