After somewhat of a false start earlier this year, Higher Plain Games “the website” (sounds like a sequel doesn’t it?) will now be getting up and running properly over the course of this month.

A combination of a heavy work schedule and trying to launch a few other projects at the same time meant that the website content had to stay on hold until now. I am a one man band juggling a few passion projects as I look to transition into making them all a bit more substantial and I’d bitten off more than I could chew at the start of the year.

The website will always compliment to the YouTube channel and vice versa.  The channel last year went to daily videos and that’s taken some getting used to but I am really enjoying the challenge and regularity of it all. With the website now kicking off I wanted to reassure everyone that the channel is not going anywhere – and neither am I! There’s simply too much good stuff to talk about and show and I love to spread the word.

So thanks for being patient and staying with me – I hope to reward your patience – and if you really enjoy what I do across any or all my projects and would like to support me – my Patreon feed is full of fun things in return for your support.



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