Format: PC

Released: October 2017

Minimalist puzzles have really taken on a booming trade in the advent of mobile devices and now they are turning up on PC, it makes this puzzler a happy bunny. The ability to convey something tangible in a sleek, clean and simple design can end up turning a simple task into something enjoyable. Sinkr, is the latest to attempt just that and to its credit, Sinkr pulls it off.

Careful planning is well rewarded in Sinkr

Taking the borrowed approach of games like Lyne and Hook, Sinkr combines elements of the two. The main goal is to place shapes back in their outlines and you so this by pressing buttons to drag hooks containing these shapes to pull them back to their outlines. Each couple of levels a new element then gets added in. Hooks can flip direction, bounce pads can throw shapes about, and different shapes join the foray. Each time a new element is introduced, it’s done so in a way that shows you what it does intuitively and without any text explanation. This kind of intuitive learning is so hard to get right – and its one of Sinkr’s boons.

Hook, lyne and sinkr – there’s tricks to learn

Somewhat of a double-edged sword is that Sinkr contains 60 levels and whilst they grow in complexity, the constant switching up of mechanics means that it shows you new things often. It also means that Sinkr never fully pushes overblown, but very challenging, levels at you because it’s busy showing you something new. In some ways this is a great thing, because many puzzle games simple become over laboured and unworkable. In Sinkr’s case, I feel like an advance level pack that gives you another 30 challenges that would truly challenge you would elevate the game from great to a classic.

From a single person developer, it’s nice to see properly crafted levels instead of a random generator

As it is though, Sinkr is a sedate and relaxing experience that is cerebral to a point, but when combined with the soft ambient music, chunky user interface and intuitive mechanics learning – it elevates the package to being a joy to play.


  • Intuitive design and simple puzzle mechanics
  • Happy to show you new things throughout
  • Properly designed levels are appreciated
  • Full controller support
  • Doesn’t labour a puzzle mechanic too much…


  • …but doesn’t quite fully exploit them either
  • Could do with a few more advanced levels


Perfect for a relaxing minor brain taxing experience. You just won’t be sinkr-ing hours into it. Small but well-formed.

Enjoy the video review below:

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