Formats: PS4 (tested), PC, Xbox One

Released: 2018

I love a good psychology test but in an age of Buzzfeed pumping out every pointless test on the planet for free, if you expect me to pay for a test then I expect some depth, analysis or at least some bells and whistles to keep me entertained. Personality and Psychology Premium misses the mark by miles.

The questions repeat across the quizzes too so not even they feel tailored

I grabbed this at half price on PS4 as it said you could do tests with mates locally together. What that means is you just complete tests one after the other, in batches of around 30 questions – all of which have three answers. Each answer is usually two polar extremes and then a meek middle ground, so because things aren’t on a sliding scale, often the questions don’t really have the answers you’d actually choose. Once completed, your results are a simple bar chart showing your score on a scale against an average person… and that’s it. No explanation, no in-depth analysis of trends, no context whatsoever. Questions repeat across multiple quizzes which feels lazy and many questions ask the exact same thing, just in a different word order.

That is half of the entire game. The second half is like being regressed back to school and being asked to type in words in a story for it to then throw a Chinese proverb back at you with those words in. It feels childish and silly and utterly at odds with the first half of the game which talks about sex drive and racism. Just who is the audience here? Equally inexcusable is that for what feels like a PowerPoint presentation and not a game, there are frame drops, lag, sounds muting occasionally and it just feels clunky. Utterly disappointing.


  • I honestly can’t think of any. Sorry.


  • Your paying for less content than you can get for free
  • No depth, analysis or overall personality builder as you progress through the tests
  • Multiplayer is pass and play, not test together
  • Slow down when switching screens frequently
  • Annoying music
  • Half the game is childish story filler, the other half is trying to be meme worthy


This is one of the poorest, limited gaming examples on console today. At least Test Yourself Psychology on PS3 has some mini-games, social interaction and the ability to see how you compared with your mates. This is just an empty carcass and I wish I could get my money back.

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