Tests complete – time to bring the written journalism

2018 has been a bit of a stop/start year for me personally with work and home life and so I’ve spent my time tinkering around the edges of written games journalism and focused on changing my approach to my YouTube channel. Now that’s bedded in, I can start focusing my attention on this website to add written journalism to the video gaming footage I do on Youtube to create a small, niche but engaged community.

YouTube has been frankly, a minefield in 2018. Over the course of the year, I have changed the format to daily themes, game reviews with a proper structure on a Sunday and the odd live stream. I believe I was probably pushing a little too much content out. I am a varied gamer and play different things and YouTube detests that. It wants to place you in a niche single box and where I have small audiences that like racing games but not rhythm games or retro ones, no one really crossed over. Add to that the fact I’m not screaming like a teenager with neon emoji-filled thumbnails or clickbait titles gasping faces – I feel a bit disadvantaged. As a result, YouTube doesn’t really think my audience is very engaged and so it doesn’t recommend things. Since I’ve slowed down some of the output, I’ve noticed the views have actually increased a little.

I do quite a bit – feel free to take a peak

It’s never in your own destiny to have your content shine on YouTube – there’s always so much mystique behind it all. That’s what is making me place the website Higher Plain Games much more front and centre of what I will do games wise in 2019. I feel more in control here and will use YouTube more as an accompaniment to the site, not the other round which I tried to do this year. The very small amount of content I have posted here has had much more engagement than sometimes the embedded video review has. I think I have been coming at it arse about face, trying to pull a community over to a different platform that doesn’t want to leave (and would rather engage directly via Twitter or email for example instead).

So – this ramble boils down to this: 2019 is the year I get behind this website and make it something to be proud of, just as I have built its sister site Higher Plain Music up to be. I can’t wait.

Look forward to entertaining and informing you more in the future.



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