This week will see this Higher Plain Games website kick back into life and action again – and this time its staying alive as I’ve bought a 2 year upgrade! Throughout 2019 I have focused on getting the YouTube channel running smoothly, moving from gameplay to more structured reviews. This has seen the channel grow and its because of the ad revenue from these videos I can afford to now run this site.

So what’s coming to

Initially I’ll be making written reviews of games to support the video reviews as that is what I’ve been asked for most. Then I’ll expand into interviews with people in the gaming industry before moving onto other types of written articles. I’ll be starting off slowly but plan to have a 2-3 articles a week to compliment the 5-7 videos I do for YouTube a week.

What else has changed over 2019 whilst the site has been on hiatus?

Many of you may not know that I run a lot of niche websites and projects and I’ve combined them all together to create the Higher Plain Network. As I dedicate almost all my spare time towards these projects and most of my spare money from my day job, I decided that if I want to expand much further than I already have, I need financial support in order to it.

I run a Patreon campaign under the Higher Plain Network banner. This enables people who really enjoy what I do and have a spare $1 or £1 a month to contribute towards all the costs of maintaining and hopefully improving my content over time. Content will always be made but contributing really does help. I’m reviewing and considering what other perks to offer so if there’s something you’d like to see please let me know.

So that’s all for now folks! Can’t wait to give you a bit of independent, honest and hopefully informative games journalism in written form again!



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