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Announcement: Higher Plain Games to launch Road to Game Dev series

To coincide with the Global Game Jam that took place this weekend, Higher Plain Games is to launch a new web series to focus on getting started with game development. This will be an ongoing collection of vlogs, blogs, prototyping, taking courses and playing with various tools – all done by the Higher Plain Network creator Simon.

It has long been an ambition for Higher Plain Games to start moving into some kind of game development arena. As someone starting out completely from scratch, it would be fascinating to follow the journey of someone from the beginning through to creating products. They’ll be videos and blogs on what has worked, what hasn’t, what resources has been helpful and that will go from concept right the way through to execution.

All Patreon supporters will get named credit in finished products as well as access to download and play the end results. All smaller scale projects will be available to all patrons. Larger scale projects (defined by experiences that will take more than three months to develop) will be available for the $5 and up tiers.

The first episode in the series will be on the theory of creating game mechanics in a board game format and will be released later in February.

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