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Buttons show the cost of the cloth and the timer is how many moves you'll make on the left board. Balance is key.
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Game Review : Patchwork

Making a blanket has never been so competitive!

One of its flaws is the lack of difference in grip between terrains and water which makes the world feel empty
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Game Review : Bears Can’t Drift

Bear's got issues and drift's just one of them...

Each level grows larger as more invaders arrive to challenge you
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Game Review : Nanuleu

Fighting for Treebeard in this RTS lite game

She may look cute but her voice will grate on every fibre of your being...
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Game Review : Chilie

Brain training meets budget slice of life anime

The gradients seem to be inconsistent from track to track and get you caught up in a rut for no reason
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Game Review : Rock N Racing Off Road DX

Frustratingly close to being competent but one of the most disappointing racing experiences in years

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