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Megaquarium – Game Review

Managing your own aquarium has never been so fun

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Hero Express: Game Review

Here we go again…. and again…. and again…

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Higher Plain Games Website reopens for business this week!

Rave from the grave!

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Game Review: The Midnight Sanctuary

The definition of niche

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Game Review: Storm Boy The Game

How to not make a game for kids

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Game Review: Fuse Balls

When freeform is too much freedom

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Game Review: The Quiet Man

Platform: PS4 (tested), PC, XboxOne Released: November 2018 Have you ever played the game where you mute a TV show and then talk your own dialogue over the top of it? In some ways, The Quiet Man is like this except without the fun and with barely the same amount of interaction. The Quiet Man is a game of two […]