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About the site

About Higher Plain Games

Higher Plain Games is an independent games project that aims to find you your next hidden gaming gem. It is ran entirely by Simon Smith, who runs the Higher Plain Network, a collection of creative projects. Higher Plain Games pledges to be open, honest and transparent about the games journalism it provides. There are no sponsors, no deals and no clickbait opinions. Everything here is to inform, educated and entertain in a meaningful way.

What kind of content do you cover?

Higher Plain Games mainly covers PlayStation and PC content but other platforms do get attention too. There will also be plenty of retro content going right back to the 1980s. I’ve never sold a game or platform yet!

You’ll mainly find:

  • Written and video game reviews and previews
  • Game playthroughs (not guides though!)
  • Interviews with people working across the games industry
  • The F1 Failcast – the only F1 podcast made whilst playing the F1 games (with co-host Ben Williamson)
  • Editorials and analysis on game design, implementation and feeling
  • Full length shows on specific games
  • Sim Racing events
  • Real life gaming events
  • My journey into game development and the future games I hope to create

What won’t I find here?

Higher Plain Games is entirely independent which means there will be no sponsors, no ads and no deals for good review scores. You won’t find thumbnails with emojis, videos of me screaming into the camera like a tween nor much content covering what 90% of other games websites do. You also won’t find much in the way of scathing negativity either. One mans treasure is another mans trash. If I didn’t really like a specific game, I will explain why I didn’t like it and offer constructive feedback. It might not be a game for me, but I want to help you get more information so you’ll be better informed as it whether the game is for you.

What do I look for when I review games?

The short version is ‘does the game make me feel anything?’ That could be a number of feelings or emotions but I have put together the video below to explain it in much more detail. What can I say? I’m an emotional guy!

Anywhere else Higher Plain Games publishes to?

There is the Higher Plain Games Steam Curator page to follow to get links to video reviews and lists as they are published.

How can I help Higher Plain Games?

Firstly, I want to thank you for taking the time to look around. The internet is a popularity game and I don’t want to play the short attention span game. However, if you found something useful then sharing it around would be extremely helpful – as would liking the post or video too.

If you find that my content is consistently of value to you then I’d absolutely recommend supporting this adventure I am on by joining me on Patreon. From as little as $1 a month, you’ll get access to exclusive behind the scenes content from across the Higher Plain Network. That includes some music downloads, your name in future production credits and so on. Every pledge really helps so thank you for even considering it. Smaller media companies are falling by the wayside all the time because companies refuse to fund them anymore, so I want to be entirely self funded via paid work, patrons and donations. It is a big dream, but its a worth a shot!

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