Higher Plain Games aims to showcase the unsung gems of video games often left behind or unnoticed. It is ran by Simon Smith whom has been a life long gamer and is passionate about providing unbiased, unadulterated views and thoughts about the world of gaming.

Much like the sister website, Higher Plain Music, Higher Plain Games will be a one man show, aiming to take on the titans and hold a small but important independent niche in the gaming universe.

Here you will find game review, developer and designer podcasts and interviews, livesteam events, competitions and articles about the industry from different perspectives. The site will cover the consoles I own past and present – so expect to see reviews and thoughts of games from the last few decades – not just what is hot today.

Of course, always present will be the YouTube channel that started off my steps into game journalism.

In time, this site will grow to become a vast resource for readers, viewers and gaming enthusiasts across the globe. Thank you for visiting.