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GLHF Game Battlers

Good Luck Have Fun Game Battlers (GLFHFB for short) is a multiplayer game battle series which see’s 2-8 players compete in a series of games to see who is the ultimate gamer of the episode. The focus is on local multiplayer games, high score challenges and showcasing a variety of multiplayer gaming gems.

You can find all published episodes on the site by searching the GLFH Game Battlers tag.

This page is a WIKI to log all of the games that have appeared on GLFH Game Battlers. It will provide a frequency count and episodes the game can be found in.

GameTypeEpisode CountEpisodes In
Push Me Pull YouBattle1Pilot
Inversus DeluxeBattle1Pilot
Brakes Are For LosersTime Trial1Pilot
Tetris EffectHigh Score1Pilot
Drink More GlurpBattle1Pilot
Flat HeroesBattle1Pilot
Tap Sonic BoldHigh Score1Pilot
Penguin WarsBattle1Pilot
Zekes PeakHigh Score1Pilot
PacMan Championship Edition 2High Score1Pilot
Ready Set HeroesBattle1Pilot
Supermarket ShriekBattle11
Cake BashBattle11
Alpaca Ball All-starsBattle12
Trenga UnlimitedHigh Score12
Nippon MarathonBattle12
Hiking LeagueBattle12
Stick Fight: The GameBattle12