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Chezzle – Review

Chezzle takes chess mechanics and turns them into a puzzle game with infinite random puzzles. Simple, cheap, fun and easy to have a quick five minute blast with, this is one of the best 79p Steam games I’ve come across for a while.

You can see each potential move as they are shown in a light purple hue.

In Chezzle your goal is to clear all the pieces on the board leaving one remaining. You start off as one chess piece and you use the moves of that piece to move and capture the next one. The crux here is that you take over the move set of the piece you’ve taken. The secondary twist is you can jump over pieces too. With these two things combined, you’ll be working your way around the chess board mapping out your next move as you go. The puzzles are short enough to not be taxing but Chezzle works best when it starts a level with various options to choose from as it gives you more ways to fail.

Outside of that, Chezzle is a slim lined affair but then its only 79p. There’s a nice lo-fi soundtrack in the background to enjoy, rain sounds to turn on or off and the only thing missing from the game is an undo move button. However, puzzles are short and infinite so you are only a few seconds away from getting back to where you were before.

Unassuming but fun in short bursts, Chezzle is a lovely game that runs with a twist fully and embraces it. Chess fans will enjoy it, puzzle fans too. Great for a quick mindless brain challenge each day.

Review copy provided by developer.

Final Thoughts
Infinite puzzles, a relaxed vibe and very cheap. Chezzle is a well thought out quick fire fix of chess puzzles to enjoy.
Nice idea, decent execution.
Infinite puzzles.
Chilled vibe.
Difficulty curve all over the place due to random puzzles.
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