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Ducky’s Delivery Service – Review

If you ever wondered what a delivery drone service might play out like, Ducky’s Delivery Service gives you a cuter, quackier insight. This is a solo developed 2D delivery game which gives your titular duck a propeller hat to fly around various villages to deliver parcels from house to house. It is easy to pick up but has a few excellent challenges for completionists who want to three star every level. It’s one of the best examples of a fetch quest game I’ve played.

Following the marker arrow towards delivery, you’ll have to decide your own route so getting to grips with level layout is vital.

Each level has a selection of houses and a variety of ducks either living in them or wandering around in between and everyone has a parcel. The size of the parcel gives you an insight into how far you’ll need to fly so bigger parcels will yield more points so long as you deliver them carefully. You pick a parcel by landing next to it and then its off and away to follow the arrow marker to tell you where to go and then you’ll need to drop it into the mailbox. You can do this by flying into the mailbox or for bonus points you can drop it early from above. This adds a score multiplier to your score depending on how far away you drop it from and its heavily momentum influenced as the physics of Ducky’s Delivery Service are fluid and weighty.

Dropping the parcel comes with a risk though. If you miss the mailbox not only will you then need to spend time picking it up and delivering it properly but the parcel will be damaged. This is where the crux and skill of Ducky’s Delivery Service comes into play. If you don’t touch a wall, enemy, obstacle or drop the parcel on a delivery, you’ll get double points. Touch something one, you’ll get a 1.5x multiplier, twice 1.25x and three or more touches give you just base points. Levels are littered with hazards so windmills will spin around rhythmically to fly between their blades. Lava bombs will hurt from below or drip from the ceiling. Birds and ghosts move around in patterns but can also become quite chaotic. Moving between them all requires precision and gusto because you often need to really commit to something early on as there is no dash. Instead, you are constantly feathering the propeller hat button to hover, ascend or drop whilst changing direction. Levels are excellently designed too because most have some very risky narrow corridors you can attempt if you have the skill but one wrong move will usually ruin your multiplier quickly.

Throwing a parcel takes skill and timing and the later levels will place lots of hazards around mailboxes to make the throws trickier.

There are four worlds with multiple levels inside each. Cleverly, you learn the layout of a level by delivering “new to the area” fliers to each house. Players can use this to map out potential shortcuts and alternative routes so its a great intro. Then there is the main challenge of scoring enough points before the time runs out – and a small amount of time is added for each parcel picked up, so you need to be quick. There is also a speed challenge for delivering something to every house like a time trial game. Each world has a precision test boss level. Oddly, as these have no time limits, they are actually the easiest levels in the game but do offer a refreshing switch up from what is a fantastically implemented but admittedly one note gameplay loop.

I had a blast with Ducky’s Delivery Service. Move over Kiki, there’s a competitor in town! It handles fantastically and predictably, has real challenge in the later worlds to reach a three star completion of scoring 50,000 points per level but allows most players to progress happily with mostly two star completion rankings to see the whole game. A delightful game, and an excellent accomplishment from a solo developer too.

Ducky's Delivery Service
Final Thoughts
An addictive physics based skill platformer that has bite to it for completionists, but is totally approachable for those wanting to take over Kiki's patch.
Clever level design with tricky hazards arranged in a way that flows so well when you get it right.
Stable and delicate flight physics are a joy to use.
Easy to pick up, hard to three star.
Same gameplay loop for every level may get tiring for some.

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