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Super Greedy Cat – Review

I’m always a sucker for a retro platformer, especially if its has an interesting gimmick to it. Super Greedy Cat is a cheap as chips 2D platformer which gives you two very distinct ways to play. Go as fast as you can to speedrun a level, or take the slower route and collect every coin. Rarely will the two goals be met at the same time but they are inherently interconnected. This is because your titular character only goes faster, the more greedy he gets.

Initially Super Greedy Cat looks and feels like all the other retro 2D platformers out there. Your cat runs and jumps. As platforming competently is key, you’ll need to master the double jump and dash abilities to be able to cross large gaps over the course of the 20 levels in the game. There are no bosses to speak of but each area ends with a tricky castle level that ups the difficulty a bit compared to previous levels. Jumps can be made higher by holding down the jump button and you’ll need to do this a lot.

Reaching the wormhole within the time limit is the speedrunners aim…

There is one other thing that helps you out – the coin combo meter. Dotted across each level are loads of coins to collect but instead of purely being a collectable, they start to level up the speed and momentum of your cat. The trick is to keep the combo and get faster and faster as if you don’t collect another coin within 2 seconds, the combo resets. Not only can you run faster but you can also jump further, not needing a double jump or dash when you hit 10x. Your cat is slippery and can be tricky to handle at that speed but the game is very gratifying to play when you chain it all together.

Thankfully, apart from a couple of tricky sections towards the very end of the game that requires you to have 10x momentum to pass, the platforming can be done at fast or slow speed so you can try the speedrunning option if you want to, or just treat Super Greedy Cat like a standard platformer. It really is up to you and the 2 hour runtime of the game is easily doubled for completionists as you’ll get 1 star for collecting the coins, one for beating the timer and one for finding a hidden banana. Not bad at all for £3.

You can get those coins within 2 seconds… you want that speed boost!

Whilst graphically Super Greedy Cat looks fine, I did run into screen tearing quite a lot. This is especially prominent when travelling vertically at high speed as the game cannot refresh the graphical assets quick enough. It was jarring but rarely caused me a death or loss of health. The music was suitably chiptune and whilst not instantly memorable, it added to the games charm. Crucially the platforming is solid though and that’s what kept me coming back to grab all those stars.

I picked up Super Greedy Cat for £3.39 and I think its a bargain. Apparently the developer says they are working on a level editor which would only add even more replayability to an already value packed game. Enjoyable.

Super Greedy Cat is out now on Steam.

Super Greedy Cat
Final Thoughts
A fine retro 2D platformer considering its budget price point.
The coin combo = speed and momentum boost is a really nice touch.
Go for collectables of speedrun times - the choice is yours.
Solid platforming physics and mechanics.
Only quite hard if you want to be a completionist.
Screen tearing when the game runs fast.

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