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Finger Fitness – Review

Now I’ve got my hands on a PS5 (and I must admit outside of a couple of experiences as of November 2022 I haven’t been too impressed with the jump from the PS4 yet), one of the things I wanted to enjoy was the all new controller. The DualSense has some amazing tech inside it and outside of the stunning Astro’s Playroom I’ve not seen too much of it overtly used.

Enter Finger Fitness – or as I’d like to call it – how to break your adaptive triggers in 20 minutes. This is a clicker style game that showcases just how adaptive those triggers can be. Starting out colourful and bright, you’ll pull each trigger down in turn like a button mashing Track N Field game of old. This then builds up your XP meter and you level up. Doing this also causes coins to given to you which is handy because every successive level makes the triggers harder to press down. This means very quickly you’ll be clawing at your controller like a weight lifter trying to wrestle the things to the ground. I was genuinely impressed at just how strong these trigger are and even more amazing my controller didn’t break!

With your pets cheering you on and a shop of upgrades, you’d expect more longevity than 20 minutes.

To combat this stressful increase in pressure, you can buy pets with your coins which in turn generate coins faster and faster to buy power ups. These reduce back down the adaptive settings as you buy more of them and help speed the game along. Once you’ve unlocked all five pets and a few background screens though, Finger Fitness just ends into endless oblivion. It’s over in 20 minutes and to be fair, you’ll be thankful for it.

Whilst I wished that there was more to unlock and for Finger Fitness to drip feed more things for you to trigger away to just like other clickers, I was stated with the controller strength display. I’m sure it did my DualSense no good playing Finger Fitness and my fingers still chubby little stubs but hey – its a platinum in under half an hour and you’ll not sweat a jot.

Finger Fitness
Final Thoughts
An interesting idea that's over before it begins and made me worried I might damage a very expensive controller!
It's like the Ninja Warrior of clicker games.
Did showcase the impressive strength of the PS5's adaptive triggers well.
Over before it gets going.
Could damage your controller.
Doesn't know what to do with its idea after the first few minutes.

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