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Kittens and Yarn – Review

Kittens and Yarn is a cosy and wholesome puzzle game that came out over two years ago but I recently stumbled across it in a sale. For just over a pound, I’ve been delighted with its simple premise and well constructed levels. This is a kitty mosaic puzzle which requires logic and process of elimination to win.

Each of the 40 levels will have kittens playing with balls of yarn but the yarn has been jumbled up into segments that need untangling. You do this by choose two hexagonal tiles in the playing area to swap, in the process moving one or both of them to the right location. Each kitten has a starting point and their tile is locked in correctly so you have something to start with. I found lining tines end points up was useful early on because you could then join up the yarn string as it veers around the screen.

Each playing area is a mix of hexagonal tiles to swap around as the living room turns from day to night across the 40 levels.

Initially the playing area is small and the tangles are minimal but the second half of the game ups the difficulty and complexity quite a bit. Yarn bends back, zigzags and crosses over itself and other coloured yarn to make it a real mess. The same principles apply though. Find matching end points of obvious outer perimeter hexes and work your way around the board sorting things out. You just have to be more careful and precise with your actions as tiles towards the end can often look like you have multiple ways to solve a level. There is only one and you’ll find yourself in a dead end and needing to backtrack if you don’t pay attention.

Kittens and Yarn took me around 5-6 hours to complete and I felt challenged but fairly so. It never felt overly complicated nor dull, and the cute graphics and whimsy lo-fi beats soundtrack helped pass the time as I mulled over my next move. I found I enjoyed the game best in smaller doses, tackling a level or two a day, but that’s just my preference. For the price point, there is nothing to argue with. Its a lovely little game that shows with a great theme and puzzle design, you can make a big impression.

Kittens and Yarn
Final Thoughts
Beautiful cozy puzzler that doesn't skimp on content or challenge just because its got cats in it.
Easy to understand.
Steady difficulty curve that keeps ramping up.
Always a logical way to complete a level.
Chill graphics and audio focus the mind.
No colourblind modes or obvious way to spot different yarn other than colour.

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