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Rayland 2 – Review

Simple, elegant and easy to understand, Rayland 2 is a compact sequel to Rayland. In this isometric puzzle game, you need to redirect coloured lazers from its transponder into an end point. You do this using mirror cubes that you can rotate around and send the lazer in a different 90 degree direction.

Rayland 2 has 50 levels that slowly increases the difficulty, but I found this to be a double edged sword. Early puzzles take a while to bring any challenge because the levels are extremely compact. As you move and place and the mirror cubes, the level layout practically informs your end solution. As a blue and later on a green lazer is added to the red one, thankfully the difficulty does rise up a bit. This is because one cube can only deal with one colour, so you’ll need to weave each lazer around the other.

Every level is very logical to solve but the small nature of the levels make them quite quick to complete too.

Blue blocks acts as dead end walls and blocks with holes in allow you to pass a lazer through in a specific direction. Later on barriers relating to specific colours block routes from you until they are solved. Instead of these walls, holes and barriers being problems though, they mostly act as clues. I used them to more to solve levels by working backwards rather than finding them upping the ante.

There is nothing wrong with Rayland 2. I really like its clean aesthetic and the ability to zoom right in and rotate around the level is very welcome. It feels glossy and shiny too. My main concern is that its over quite soon and doesn’t really offer much a challenge. I enjoyed feeling brainy during the short runtime but I wouldn’t recommend it as a top tier experience. This might be because I’ve recently picked up Deflection, which is essentially chess with lazers and I’ve been more fun with that at the same time as playing this. I’d also argue that it does very little new that Rayland didn’t already do, which was also a very simple and easy game to complete too.

One for the platinum and achievement chasers rather than ardent puzzle fans. I think puzzle fans will find this too easy, although it would definitely fit in a chilled out hour to destress your brain.

Review copy provided by publisher. Out now on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Switch and PC.

Rayland 2
Final Thoughts
Perfectly playable simple lazer pointing puzzle game. Just expect no frills and you'll get some easy achievements.
Clean aesthetic and view points make it easy to understand a level.
Each level is designed and solvable with simple logic.
Quite easy.
Quite short.
Feels a bit too close to Rayland 1.
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