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Higher Plain Games Website returns 21st March

Unfortunately last weekend, my PC decided to abruptly explode! This has left me without any proper way to create videos and website posts. I’ve ordered a new PC (and its going to be a big step up) but sadly it won’t be arriving until the 19th of March. As I’ve no guaranteed way to be able to post content to the standard I feel is required for the Higher Plain Network brand, its best I wait until the new kit arrives!

Once I’m back up and running again, Higher Plain Games will be back to content almost every single day just as it had started to do so just before the big bang. I’m still doing livestreams over on the YouTube channel (search Higher Plain Games – my old 2001 PC is unable to add links with the current version of wordpress – yes its that old) but this will be PS4 gameplay.

I’ll see you soon!


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