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Ghosts N DJ’s – Game Review

Fancy a Run and Gun pixel adventure with a great electronic soundtrack? Say hello to Ghosts N DJs. The free satirical game was created by Dr Kucho! and features his music and Deadmau5 too.

The game itself is a very simple run and gun affair set around the backdrop of the music industry. In a beautiful dig at record companies, all the directors have turned into vampires and zombies and want to suck out your soul. You’ll need to run then down and survive various stages. Think Ghosts N Goblins in its purest and simplest sense and you are about 80% there to understanding the game.

It doesn’t take long for this game to throw you all of the enemies!

Enemies are easy enough to kill but they swarm in random numbers and they don’t wait in line to attack. Often you’ll need to juggle priorities and when that happens, Ghosts N DJs is at its most engaging. It is also what makes it hard. Lightning enemies appear when you are climbing a ladder and strike you down. Flying vampires strike when you are lining up jumps. The games random element keeps things fresh but also makes it feel like some runs are just out to get you. Your weapons swap out over time but the run and gun style remains untouched throughout. I really liked the fact all the weapons are music based too. If a DJ has it in their arsenal, its probably in the game.

I must confess to not completing the game. I always end up getting swarmed by enemies and dying and that’s on the easiest mode as the game progresses. Other difficulties are available for those of you better at these games than I am. I wish the game allowed you to enjoy the soundtrack separately too as it’s a banger.

Spot the music themed power-up!

The last and perhaps most important thing is that the game was created to raise awareness and give donations to some children’s charities. The opening screen notifies you of this and there are links to suggested charities to make a pledge if you enjoy the game. It’s a lovely gesture.

Ghosts N DJs is competently made and challenging to boot. If you are looking for a free simple time waster to enjoy between other games that is not another clicker – give this a try. It’s for a good cause.

A preview code pre-release was provided by the developer however I was so terrible at the game, my review was not ready until after release. As such, this review is scored on the gameplay I have been able to enjoy rather than the game as a whole.

Ghosts N DJs
Final Thoughts
A very well put together Ghosts N Goblins clone, Ghosts N DJs is fun to play, free to play and showcases some great charitable causes too.
If you liked Ghosts N Goblins, you'll like this.
Its free and decent.
Good soundtrack.
Steep difficulty curve.
Sometimes feels like its being unfair.
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