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Crow: The Legend – Game Review

Less of a game and more a VR movie experience, Crow: The Legend is a beautifully told 20 minute story from Baobab. I’ve enjoyed other titles from the team before but Crow: The Legend is possibly my favourite of their non-interactive movies.

His colours are more like a peacock and he is cocky to go with it!

It is a simple tale taken from American Indian lore where a Crow flies to ‘The One Who Creates Everything By Thinking’ to ask for heat to end the eternal cold. Seasons haven’t been invented yet and the snow is draining life on earth. The Crow, voiced by John Legend, can sing, fly and display a colourful feather collection but he will have to overcome perils to reach the creator. The creator entrusts him with a task and is voiced by the excellent Oprah Winfrey. Can Crow succeed and save his animal friends waiting back on Earth?

It is a straight forward tale that is told in early Pixar fashion and that’s no bad thing. The environments are well put together and the flying sequences feel very immersive in VR. There is also a section with the creator that uses scale cleverly too which I really enjoyed. Best of – Crow: The Legend is free. So if you have VR or VR goggles for your mobile device, this is a must.

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