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Klocki – Review

Super simple in its premise, Klocki is one of my favourite puzzlers from the new age of clean minimal abstract puzzle design. Its main premise is to move blocks with lines on so that the line design becomes a fully enclosed circuit. That may mean its one long branching circuit, or it may mean its several smaller ones.

Klocki starts out very simple as you get up to speed with its main mechanic. From rotating blocks to swapping them around, its easy to pick up and the graphical design really helps your eye catch out what you need. Having spatial awareness helps but you can still bungle your way through if you don’t.

Levers, lines and lots of block swapping will ensue. Its never overwhleming though.

The game then adds other things into the mix later on with perspective shifts and 3D patterns. These bring a step up in difficulty, along with multiple coloured lines to join up. Its like creating the London tube map as a slider puzzle but you don’t have to slide the blocks around. Klocki then switches up the line puzzles for dark blocks that must have space all around them for puzzle placement games and quarter circles that require putting together. My favourites included levers that turned sections of the level around so you could join things together a bit like a Rubics cube.

The difficulty curve increases over time but it never becomes impossible and I’d argue that if there is any kind of critical thought against Klocki, it is that the difficulty doesn’t increase until the final third of the game. There are about 80 puzzles to clear so you’ll be done in just over two hours if you go at it hammer and tongs. That works out at about 75p an hour if you are a puzzle god which is decent reward for such a low priced title.

is it going to change your life? No, but Klocki is one of the best examples of this low budget, minimal design puzzle game that appears on Steam all the time from mobile apps. Its a great starting point for those wanting to dip their toes in.

Final Thoughts
One of the best examples of low budget minimal and clean puzzles on PC.
Simple and clean design.
Easy to pick up and gentle difficulty curve.
Difficulty only really raises in the final third.

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