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Kyuukiyomi: Consider It! – Review

The beauty of Kyuukiyomi: Consider It! is that you simply don’t expect it to be so interesting to play. A social consideration and manners quiz at heart, Kyuukiyomi is a Japanese social cues mini game collection. There are 100 to move through, choosing your outcome as you play and then at the end you’ll get a personality rating. Buzzfeed this is not – its far more interesting!

Are you going to go home early and leave your staff to cope or stay later meaning they are too scared to leave themselves?

Across the 100 scenarios, you’ll be moving seats on public transport, dealing with your partner, having social etiquette dilemmas and comedy situations that determine your personality. For instance, do you look after yourself or do you act submissively or politely to the outward world. There are a few levels that need some Japanese cultural insights required to probably get the ultimate result but the fun is in trying out different paths and seeing what happens.

Every 10 levels, you’ll be told if you’ve been considerate or not but that’s not necessarily the point of the game. Its a quirky personality test wrapped up in some achievements to find the most considerate human behaviour if you follow the games’ advice. The results at the end are just as valuable if you just play as yourself first before you try achievement hunting. Just as fun is playing it in the 2 player mode where you have to agree with each other before the level moves on. Cue the mild comedy drama as you disagree on whether to set a monster attack on a world where the superhero is on holiday or the one where they are ready and waiting.

Are you going to stay up for Santa or pretend to be asleep? He is rather busy!

Kyuukiyomi only has one mild set back and that is occasionally the controls aren’t explained before some of the more complex mini games (although complex is too harsh of a word). There are general controls that carry over across all the games but some are so quick and over before you realise they’ve begun, you feel you’ve missed the chance to make the choice you wanted. That aside though, this cute, cartoon pen and paper personality test is a lovely addition to the gaming world. I never knew I wanted to be tested on my good manners raising so much until I played this game. Its the definition of a hidden gem.

Kyuukiyomi: Consider It!
Final Thoughts
Much more fun and engaging than any of your Buzzfeed rubbish. Politeness wins at last!
Unique gameplay mechanics.
Quickfire gameplay and choices keep you engaged and on your toes.
Two player mode is great to find out just how nice your friend/partner is!
Occasionally you miss your chance to act as the telegraphing of you taking control is lacking.
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