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Circuit Superstars – Top Gear The Stig Challenge DLC Review

Whilst I don’t usually review DLC, Circuit Superstars is a personal favourite game of all time for me and worthy of an exception. Every update always adds something new to the game and this time around, its embraces its bonkers side with a simple but moreish collection of challenges.

The indestructible layout will throw all kinds of things your way.

Top Gear The Stig Challenge DLC adds stunt variations to the Top Gear test track and runs like a weekly time trial challenge. Each week cars are switched around across various layouts for everyone to try and get the fastest time. The track layouts include a stake park with half pipes and ramps, a dog obstacle course with a seesaw, tunnel and slalom and an explosive wipeout styled mine and exploding caravan filled variant. Whilst the appeal is very niche, the crazy courses add flair and character to a game already brimming with it. You’ll just need to appreciate online leaderboards and time trial runs to really get good value out of it. My main quibble is that you can’t seem to play these challenges with anything. It has to be what’s available that week and that seems a bit limiting.

Whilst the tracks are not for racing on, two new cars can be taken anywhere. The pickup truck will never explode, is a bit heavy to drive but is best played with by dragging it around by the scruff of its neck. In stark contrast, the rocket is a three wheeler that pirouettes at the slightest of janky harsh turns and hairpins. They are like chalk and cheese and both are enjoyable in free race and lobbies online. In addition, you can also add caravans to the back of any existing car in game. This addition saw me become a dirty driver, punting other drivers’ caravans to throw them off balance. It certainly added an element of chaos and carnage and is great for letting your hair down with, like a cutesy Wreckfest.

Caravan mode is funny but the serious cutesy sim racer might feel a bit attacked with all the punting!

Is this DLC an absolute must buy? If you don’t enjoy time trials then I’d say probably not, however it is gleefully fun and adds to a game that already has a decent selection of cars, tracks and ideas. By adding another style to play, it feels fun and fresh but as someone that prefers the racing over time trials, I view this as more of an incentive purchase as a thanks to the team that have made a truly amazing game. If I had my wishlist out, I’d certainly welcome track pack DLCs to come in the future or perhaps additional modes using the existing framework like eliminations, custom championship set ups or stage races where times are added together across multiple races or quali sessions for example. That said, Circuit Superstars is in such good hands, I fully expect whatever comes next to be something I hadn’t thought of either – such as the AI modding tool which is due to be added in a future update.

Circuit Superstars DLC: Top Gear: The Stig Challenge
Final Thoughts
Small but beautifully formed, this DLC adds a nice irrelevant stunt time trial mode to the game but if you prefer to race instead, you aren't missing much.
Two new cars are different, challenging and fun to drive.
Each stunt layout is well thought out and provides challenge and laughs.
Caravan mode just begs for silly racing to take place.
Layouts feel similar and are all time trial only - so if you are looking for racing content, you'll find little here outside the new cars.
The inability to just pick a car and have fun on a track seems oddly limiting - you are forced to only play the weekly challenge rules.

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