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Dancing Cube – Early Access Preview

I’m always over new rhythm and music games and although I won’t be scoring this review, Dancing Cube has great potential. It is a game similar to Just Shapes and Beats where you must avoid the red patterns being created by the music. The change here is that you are doing this inside a 3D cube. Attacks will slide down the walls or come up through the floors and you’ll need to dodge your way around to score to most points.

Early Access comes with three songs but they aren’t full songs (they might be loops though) and whilst the game is mechanically excellent, the content just isn’t there. A level editor is coming soon and there is some fun to be had with multiplayer. Up to 4 players can survive a song but also use power ups to push other players into the red zones. I can see Dancing Cube being great fun, I just worry to song selection planned for the game will mean its too small and will burn out too fast.

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