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Luna – Review

Luna is a short but sweet game that plays out like a bedtime story. You can play in both VR and Non-VR but the game remains the same throughout. It’s a collection of short diorama puzzles to solve to bring light back to the moon and the animals of the world. It’s a heart-warming tale of hope and courage aimed at children. I, as a late 30’s adult, still found it lovely.

Each world is painted as you drop smaller plants, bushes and grasslife around you. It’s lovely to see it come to life.

Each level in Luna is split into several parts. You’ll play a musical tune with some bells, following a small song as a listen and repeat puzzle. Then you’ll drag stars around in the sky to form constellations. Then you’ll paint a small 3D diorama but planting trees and plants inside it and enjoy the story beat before moving on.

All of these puzzles focus on rotating around what it in front of you and then either dragging or dropping things into place. It’s simple to understand and never gets complex at any stage. Instead, it’s about the visual and audio feedback that Luna gives back to the player. Musical notes embellish your moves. Vibration on the PS Move or controllers along with lights shimmer when you rotate things into place. Bells chime like steel tongue drums. The narrator is calm and soothing. Add to that the beautiful story book visuals and you have a really relaxing treat on your hands.

Luna looks and sounds beautiful although you don’t get to see its full glory very often.

The sole downside to Luna is its length. You can complete it in just over an hour and there’s little reason to replay it unless you want to enjoy planting and colouring in various scenes again in a different way. The problem is that you can’t just dive into them, you’ll need to do everything else before hand. I’d have liked more scenes or biomes to build in as the tools to do so work very well and intuitively. In VR, things feel very smooth and I ran into no issues with awkward controls or visuals either.

So Luna is a recommendation for those wanting a relaxed bedtime story with warm wonder. As a package it is more than the sum of its parts because it feels like it was made with love. Enjoyable.

Final Thoughts
Light storytelling, wholesome painting and some very simple light puzzles combine to make something feel more than the sum of its parts. Just a bit short.
Wholesome vibes.
Excellent use of audio throughout.
Feels like a magical bedtime story.
VR and Non-VR both work well.
Not very challenging if that's an issue for you.
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