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Minit Fun Racer

Minit Fun Racer takes the premise of Minit and places it in an endless runner loop format. In Minit, an RPG, you had 60 seconds before you automatically died. Everything you did needed to happen fast. Here, you have just 10 seconds to get as far as you can. Thankfully, in this charity spin-off game, things are less dramatic.

I love the look of the game – brings back memories.

You drive a little scooter like Paperboy, Excitebike or KP Skips (yes I’m old) and it moves forward automatically. You move the bike around to collect coins to keep topping up the timer of 10 seconds by spending them in the shop after each run. These shop components give you bike upgrades, coin affect upgrades and a few other fun extras too. Initially, your a one-hit death character but that can be upgraded too. It is very simple but done in an easy and accessible manner with a lovely ZX Spectrum feel like the original Minit. The bike handles nicely, the collision detection is usually very fair and the speed of the game keeps you on your toes as you can accelerate as much or as little as you like.

The games main issue is that the game has two types of setting and you’ll clear it within half an hour after you’ve grinded for some upgrades. The game then just repeats itself with random obstacle generation every time. This makes Minit Fun Racer great for an hour and then extremely old, fast. All proceeds go to charity though so if you enjoy a neatly packages endless runner to idly waste an hour or two of your time with and feel good about yourself – this is a worthy option.

Minit Fun Racer
Final Thoughts
Nice spin off of the Minit gameplay loop.
Gives me proper ZX Spectrum vibes.
Paperboy Endless Runner Edition.
A very short gameplay loop.
Could have done with a few more areas to increase the challenge and longevity.
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