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Minitone – Review

Minitone is going to be a game that is hugely divisive and spoiler alert – it didn’t land on the right side of the fence for me. It is a minimalistic puzzle game around triggering various musical notes. in reality, its a mini golf guessing game.

Each level has just a single move. You place your ball anywhere on the level and then pull back and let go. You can choose your angle and how powerful your shot is and then watch and see where the ball flies. You need to hit every white block and then reach the circular goal. It is a tricky game because very little else is given to you. This might be a great bit of freedom for some but for me, I found it frustrating and its because there are two ways to fail.

Understanding where you want to point the ball and power it is key to progress. I struggled.

You can fail by getting the wrong angle but you could get that right and now have the right power level. Each has hundreds of options and whilst repeated misses unlock a few guides to where you place the ball and the angle, its never an exact science. In the end, I found myself playing trial and error rather than proper puzzle solving.

I’m sure for some, this open ended puzzle format is a great challenge. I think for me, I’d have liked placement and angle but not power as an option. I lost count of the times I’d placed the ball in the right place, got the right angle (kinda) and then was confused by the power. I’d then move slightly and veer more off course from where I should have been. As a result, I did not “get gud” and lost interest early on. If this challenge sounds like fun though – pop a few points on the scoreboard.

Final Thoughts
Musical minigolf is a great idea.
Feels like trial and error rather than solving puzzles.
Doesn't feel like an exact science.
Not very tuneful.
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