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Repella Fella: Prologue – Review

Repella Fella: Prologue is the free opening act available to everyone and I have to say, it has whet my appetite for a potential personal Game of the Year contender. It’s like Henry Stickman crossed with an Australian humoured South Park as a point n click adventure.

This poor hog isn’t going to stop you escaping the apocalypse!

I don’t want to spoil much but this is a solo developed project, six years in the making. Everything is animated and your point and click adventuring is fully voice acted with tons of hidden extra world building things to click on and experience. Not only is the humour on point in that crude but carefully observed way, but every choice you have to make will always have at least three options. Each one will have its own unique scene and whilst the overarching story may then return back to its general thread, the full game will have multiple endings based on your choices.

The prologue offers you the first four scenes that give you a taste of the humour, mini games, puzzles and general game mechanics. It takes about 30 minutes to get through and has me so very excited for the full game. This is just a post to urge people to give this one a go – I think it’s going to be player hit in 2023.

Enjoy the free Repella Fella: Prologue on Steam.

Repella Fella: Prologue
Final Thoughts
An excellent example of a passion project that is full to the brim of artistic integrity and a good laugh. Infinitely playable and sells the concept of the future main game to come.
Excellent comedic timing.
Stylistically animated in a way that feels like a flash game and an adult cartoon had a love child.
Superb voice talent.
Plenty to do and lots of replayability for just four scenes.
Controller controls when navigating conversations are a little unoptimised.

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