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Seashell – Review

Relaxing games can be marmite for gamers but if you find a game that really sells its atmosphere, a relaxing game can be like a hi-potion of restoration. Seashell is one such game that sees you simply collecting seashells washing up on the seashore. Tongue twisters are optional.

Each shell comes in a variety of colours, sizes and shapes.

The game takes place on a single screen with soft ambient synths backing up warm and refreshing wave sounds of lapping water. Each wave washes in a few seashells for you to pick up and collect. There are 15 types of seashells in total but being able to trigger to sea to wash them in requires collecting certain types together to trigger a wave of ocean mood. Once you’ve filled your inventory, you can check them in and see their type and size, which get logged into your journal. Collect a certain amount of a shell and you’ll unlock some information about them.

Each time you book your shells into your journal, you gain XP which then brings in a few upgrades to your inventory space limit and the ability to unlock or trigger a few rare shells that require certain conditions to be met to be washed in. Anything you don’t pick up after three waves gets washed away again. There’s no time limit, no pressure, nothing to distract you. It is a very zen and beautifully crafted experience, at a cheap price too.

The journal is great but I’d love a way to showcase all the different variants I’d collected.

Seashell isn’t going to revolutionise your life but it is a very relaxed and heartwarming game. Perfect for ASMR gaming sessions or just something to noodle away on. You’ll see almost everything in 90 minutes but you’ll likely dip in and out whenever you feel the need to visit the sea and can’t get there in person. Just needs a stick of rock!

Final Thoughts
A relaxing and refreshing simple collectathon without any pressure whatsoever.
Looks and sounds beautiful - the shell details are lovely.
Journal stats and collectathon stats are a nice extra.
Lovely digital screensaver if you just leave it alone.
Just the 15 shells so you'll see everything quite quickly.
No way to catalogue all the different colours or variants of a shell I've collected.
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