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Super Box Delivery: Beyond the Horizon – Review

If you ever wanted to know what its like being a DPD driver, then Super Box Delivery: Beyond the Horizon may be for you. This plays like an endless runner game but instead you are auto driving down procedurally generated roads. Collect the parcels, avoid the obstacles and ongoing traffic and survive long enough to deliver them. It is simple and fun but in short bursts only.

The visuals are charming and retro, giving off a comic book 90s vibe. Looks good in motion too.

The fundamentals of Super Box Delivery are well done. The endless road has different themes, road forks, narrow passages and open desert roads. You start off driving quite slowly and the longer you survive, the faster the car becomes. In the road are lines of parcels to drive through and collect. These bounce onto the back of your car and slowly stack up. You’ll be looking for a green shaded depot to drive through and drop them off to bank your points. However you’ll need to avoid other cars and various other blockages on the track and often one hit is game over. You can turn on a visual radar to give a pre-warning of oncoming traffic and I recommend it as the roads hills can lead to some unfair crashes.

As you don’t need to drive, you’ll focus on steering and the game has a lazy boat like handling style. There is an initial delay before it veers harder the longer you turn. Its subtle though and easy to pick up. The other beautiful thing for casual gamers is that you don’t have to pick everything up, you just need to stay alive. You can also run slightly offroad and that slows you down briefly too, thus slightly cheating at the game and keeping you in play. When you do crash your points are turned into currency to unlock cosmetics, different cars and upgrade one of four permanent abilities such as additional health or triggering rainbow parcels for bonus points.

Unless you upgrade your health, its a one hit game over game but in terms of difficulty, this game is on the easier end of the endless runner spectrum.

It is very fun for the first 15 minutes but by that point you’ve seen everything the game seemingly has to offer. All the cars handle the same. The same few road types pop up again and again. The same obstacles to jump over via steering onto ramps repeat. There are no online leaderboards or even local ones to score chase with beyond your top score. The game just stalls out. That’s why it gets only a middling score because everything else here works and plays nicely. It’s just unless you want to beat your top score on a game that becomes quite easy to cheese, why would you want to stay on it beyond perhaps the first 90 minutes of gameplay?

Fun but in short bursts only.

Super Box Delivery: Beyond the Horizon
Final Thoughts
Everything for a decent endless runner is here except the longevity and replayability beyond the first hour. A missed opportunity.
Looks pretty and reminds me of Taito PS2 racers.
Plays well. Easy to pick up and simple to understand and a helpful hazard radar can make it even easier.
Low risk vs high risk for bigger points is nice. If something is a bit risky, simply avoid and stay alive.
Extremely repetitive very quickly.
No reason to keep coming back when you've unlocked the upgrades and the cars (which handle identically).
No leaderboards.

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