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Triversal – Review

Triversal is uncannily simple. Like most of the best puzzle games out there, its a simple task that picks at your brain until you’ve got the right solutions and done so in the least amount of moves. The beauty of Triversal is that you can ignore all of that and just enjoy the premise instead – the choice is up to you.

Understanding angles and physics is key to Triversal success.

Each level in Triversal sees you control a light orb that needs to cover up a black hole. You do this by tethering three stretchy elastic bands to very platforms. You’ll need to choose which blocks to tether to in order to get things right. The game is very simple with a mix of hand made levels and randomly generated ones depending on which mode you choose. It literally can be an endless experience if you want it to be.

The game slowly ramps up the difficulty by adding in tether hooks on elastic bands of their own. The deeper into the game you go, the less static everything becomes and so the world moves like an elastic spiders web as you cling to it. The physics are sturdy and predictable and a joy to play with. As you play, you can also collect coins around the map and these can be spent for clues. The game factors this into a par setting of clearing levels within 7 moves if you collect all the coins or you can go for a three move perfect level too.

Aside from the puzzle packs and random level mode, you have daily challenges of 10 levels that everyone will play that day and Endurance mode which is where you’ll spend the most time scratching your head. Here, every move costs a coin and so you need to be quick and precise. I spent more time in this mode than any other and was clearing over 70 levels before eventually becoming a cropper. This is because I end up putting self imposed time limits for myself and not using the hints where possible. The hint system is well put together though. You can remove tether nodes, highlight a third of the solution or remove hazards that can cost you coins if you hit them. The hazards only appear in the difficult levels but are a welcome addition to the game.

There are a lot of options for customisation too. You can choose between three soundtracks and many graphical styles too like jewels, science, shiny and so on. There is also a helpful streamer mode than labels every place you can tether to. Chatters can then give you recommendations to try which is a nice touch.

Triversal is a perfectly honed puzzle game. Engrossing whilst letting you play at your own difficulty level, I couldn’t put it down. Simple to understand, this is a great game for everyone to dive into. A real gem that you can get lost with for either a few minutes, or as in my case, a few hours. Don’t sleep on it.

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Final Thoughts
Simple to pick up for all.
Endless level generation and the levels work well.
Difficulty modes that you can twist and tailor to your playing level.
Customisation and streamer settings are nice.
May not hit the maddening difficulty levels that some may want.
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