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Chickens on the Road – Review

The second of two RandonSpin Games I bought earlier this year out of morbid curiosity, Chickens on the Road is a reverse Frogger game that is utterly broken. It could well be the worst PS4 game I’ve ever played, tied with Inner Kung-Fu. Nothing excuses this level of poorness.

This game is chicken shit.

You drive down an endless road that as the odd car coming towards you to avoid. In the road are chickens. Steer at them the yellow chickens to hit them and score points. Avoid green chickens as they reduce your score and cars end your game. The thing is, you can start and stop at your own pace and the road is so wide, you’d have to try quite hard to actually lose the game. Even then, there is no penalty. Its a simple ten minute grind for a platinum trophy. At least this one unlocks unlike Road Bustle from the same developer.

This game isn’t even trying. An asset pack thrown together with the lowest common denominator throughout, this feels like a kids first project. There’s no change to the game from the outset, no difficulty curve, no tactics, no nothing. It is an empty shell of an experience and one that made me utterly mad I’d spent £1 on. I can only take solace that if I warn you here, you may avoid it yourself. Disgusting way to steal money from gamers and a shocking lack of quality control for a PS4 exclusive title. Avoid.

Chickens on the Road
Final Thoughts
Frankly even worse than Inner Kung Fu which was up until this point, the worst PS4 game in existence.
You see everything within five seconds.
No changes to gameplay, difficulty, settings or anything at all.
Unengaging and boring even for a ten minute platinum.
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