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Cyber Engine and all the ‘Engine’ games on the PSN – review

There has been a flood of ‘engine’ games that have graced the PSN store recently and curiosity got the better of me. I tried out Cyber Engine but each game appears to be a reskin of the game mechanics over and over again. They are essentially a clicker game but unlike many games that bring some kind of gameplay, leaderboard or satisfaction of seeing numbers and stats explode – Cyber Engine is over in less than 8 minutes.

This is your final form.

You start off with a few clicks of a button to get some credits and then you’ll spend credits to start installing various parts of to your ‘Cyber Engine’ – e.g. computer. You see a crude computer being built up as you add extra components from the credits you earn and each component automated an increasing speed of credit generation. Unlike other clicker games, Cyber Engine has a very low ceiling for your maximum amount of credits to make. This means that after just seven minutes, I reached the end of the game, popped a platinum trophy and was greeted with an ending I simply wasn’t expecting. I didn’t expect much for my 49p but I expected more than that. It’s essentially a 7 minute screensaver where you click for a bit and that’s it.

Having scanned the other engine games that have been released, they all look identical in the game mechanics department. They just switch out the visuals for something else. These games are some of the lowest effort productions out there and I wouldn’t recommend any of them for any discerning gamer. If you want clickers that keep you busy Cookie Clicker on PC or Adventure Capitalist on PlayStation to this better, the latter being free as well.

Cyber Engine
Final Thoughts
A turgid excuse for a game that does not deserve your money. Low hanging platinum with no redeeming features.
It didn't crash?
No gameplay loop.
No longevity.
No reason to buy it except for a platinum trophy.
All the engine games are the same with a visual reskin.

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