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Hatsune Miku VR Future Live – Review

Right at the dawn of PSVR, the idea of having a VR concert was an exciting one. It still is. One of the few to do it and make the cross over is Hatsune Miku and her vocaloid gang. It is a highly niche audience but it is one I am part of and I was very excited to see how the concert turned out.

Firstly, the good news. VR Future Live absolutely nails the feel and sound of being at a live show. The audio acoustic effects are superb as noise reverberates around you. In the experience you can choose different locations to stand, including on or above the stage as well as in the crowds. The audio changes depending on where you are and its a great touch. It also allows you to see different things as you bop around to the tunes of choice.

It is the tunes of choice where the experience is thin though. There are three packs, each sold separately or together with a small discount. Each pack has seven songs and is largely overpriced. For each concert, you get to choose between two in a nice wave of the hand or head nod for a three song concert. Then you’ll get the seventh song as an encore. Packs 2 and 3 bring out the other vocaloids as Miku is the only one included in the original. Slightly more annoying is that there is a large crossover between the songs here and the ones in Project Diva X, which has its own VR mode with stage performances already. It kind of made me ask what the point of this was.

Technically excellent, VR Future Live just isn’t essential. Project Diva X offers VR and gameplay where as this is like a concert experience at home. The only gameplay here is to shake your move controller to the beat and follow the crowd. This will in turn launch stage effects for you and change costumes for the singers at key points. It is a fun addition but very, very lightweight on any technical skill required. It is a nice to have, not a must have and so I have to score it appropriately. It didn’t stop me dancing around to the vocaloid beat though. One last consideration – there are concert DVDs and BluRay released yearly for Miku tours and I import them for the same price as this game. If VR means that much to you, this may be worth your time. For me, I’ll keep on with the annual releases.

Miku Hatsune VR Future Live
Final Thoughts
Technically excellent - especially the audio.
Feels like a real concert.
Expensive for what it is.
Song choice has a huge cross over to Project Diva X which also has VR options.
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