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UD Cave – Review

There are some very cheap 79p games that sneak onto the PlayStation store without any screenshots or trailers. With most of them reduced to 23p on the recent summer sale, I took the punt on a few of them. Largely, they are poor and UD Cave is probably the weakest of the bunch.

This is a one button game that asks you to steer two cars through a cave. One is going top down, the other bottom up. The problem is both cars are constantly steering off the road and pressing the button steers them the opposite way. The cave itself is actually purple-pink blocks that zig zag in and out ready to catch you out. UD Cave is an endless game that keeps going until one of your cars hits the wall. It is also a score attack game. You score based on how long you survive but also by collecting $ signs for additional points and chaining those boosts your score.

Hold to steer and try not to fall asleep.

Sadly, that’s it. No online leaderboards to get you coming back. No tailored maps to try. No music. Barely any sound effects. Whilst the retro Spectrum/Amiga inspired graphics have some charm, the whole thing lacks any sort of flair. I got the platinum in under four minutes and couldn’t wait to uninstall it. Even for 23p, UD Cave just lacks any reason to play it. Xitilion have a few games which I’ll be reviewing over the coming months in this category and whilst none of them are great, this is the worst one because there is little skill involved. It all feels random and you can easily just quickly tap the button to stay in the middle of the track until you collect all the trophies too. Avoid.

UD Cave
Final Thoughts
Broken mechanics and a lack of reason to play make this a deeply unfulfilling experience.
I like the idea of juggle two cars at once and at least each track they drive along is slightly different.
Easy to cheat but light fast tapping.
No leaderboards or scores to save makes the whole reason to play pointless.
Lack of sound design is odd.
Feels like a game jam that ran out of time.

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