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Concept Destruction – Game Review

Ratalika Games often publish small indie titles to wider console audiences and often then publish rough gems. This is a relatively decent description of Concept Destruction. There is a decent foundation here for a good series but this feels like a barebones start.

Concept Destruction takes the world of destruction derby racing and turns it into a micro machines with cardboard environment. 12 cars, 1 arena and 3 minutes to try and smash the other cars out of the game. Each car has a damage structure on their wheels, sidepods, rear and engine. As soon as your wheels are smashed off the wagon or if your engine’s battery gets damaged beyond repair – its game over. You need to survive the the whole three minutes or be the last car standing. If the three minutes are up, those left score points depending on the damage they’ve inflicted and the cars they’ve eliminated. Rinse and repeat.

I like how the low-fi approach is played out across the graphics.

Rinse and repeat then becomes the mantra of the game. You can do single battles or a championship mode where you will tour all the different arenas. Some of stadiums, some are tables and books, others are cardboard structures and each brings its own tactics and challenges. The best arenas are the ones where there are multiple levels so you can super-dive onto the top of others. They are well thought out but over too quickly. There are some other options you can change regarding penalties and disqualifications to ensure you must participate rather than run and hide but aside from that – the game is done.

The four different car models all handle very similarly making the choice arbitrary.

The biggest issues with Concept Destruction are around what’s missing from the game. There is no racing at all. The learning school shows the game could have done this and the game chose not to. There is no AI brain beyond crashing head on into someone. The biggest omission is that there is absolutely no multiplayer. It could have just been 1 on 1 – or something with half the AI loaded in. Something! [I’ve seen screenshots of split-screen multiplayer but I have not been able to get it to work. Maybe my download is bugged…] This means that after about 45 minutes – you’ve seen and done everything and there is no reason to return… unless you enjoy the metal soundtrack which is decent enough. It is not the reason to play a game though.

I hope this game gets a sequel as I think there is definitely something here. It just needs a polish and a more meat on the bones.

Concept Destruction
Final Thoughts
Decent handling
Good fun for half an hour...
...but after half an hour its all over.
Lacking driving, racing or competitive options.
Inconsistent damage reactions to how you crash.
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