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Derpy Conga – Review

Derpy Conga is a unique puzzle platformer that is all about holding hands and ham fisting your way through various worlds to escape a meteor. Whilst Derpy is in the name, its quirky charm and unusual puzzles will keep you entertained throughout its stay.

Making a circle lets you move things and in this world, it catapults you from weeds.

You play not just one alien creature but a growing number of them over time. Each level starts off with just one and you’ll run forward eagerly searching for friends. There are four creature types that unlock over the game and when you approach them you’ll cutely reach out for them. The other creature will take your hand and so the conga line begins. One is good for traversal, another can push things, another catches fire and another can float. As you form your conga line, you can only control directly the orange creatures so I recommend spreading them out along your conga line. Levels can have up to about 15 creatures in them so your line gets more cumbersome to navigate with as you go.

Initially, I found the platforming too derpy until I realised that after joining 7 creatures, you could form a circle. This is used for lifting and moving objects but if you stay in a circle, it makes jumping and platforming easier. Yes, it’ll still be a bit derpy, but not a mess like having 6 creatures having off a cliff edge! These moments still happen but far less frequently. Puzzles often involve your fire creatures needing to be at the end of a conga line to strike a flint wall so that’s my gamer tip for you – build for easy access to them!

The hand holding is super cute – the creatures look out to their friends for the hand holding too.

Each world brings unique challenges and puzzles and this is Derpy Conga’s strength. Drawing out art in sandpits with boulders feels different, so does stretching out to hit pressure pads. Sometimes turning on torches requires more platforming skill than puzzle skills but the gameplay pace is mixed up to keep things fresh. The game is also playable entirely in co-op. I didn’t try this personally and I can imagine it being really frustrating as its difficult enough controlling the conga line yourself! At least the lovely graphics and decent soundtrack will keep you amused. It’s one of those games that seems so approachable but if you don’t concentrate, it’ll hand your ass to you.

Not everything is perfect though. Its a 3D adventure and that means camera direction is required. All too often, late in the game, I ran into cameras getting stuck in walls or not showing my conga line at all. It caused several deaths and a fair few moments of frustration. I also found that the games physics felt a bit inconsistent at times. I know Derpy is in the title but sometimes jumps didn’t trigger or if they did, they would vary in power. As a player, I couldn’t tell what I’d done differently between scenarios and that doesn’t make victory taste sweeter.

Overall though, its the unique set up and varied puzzles and adventures that make Derpy Conga enjoyable. It’s a niche title but one that anyone who enjoys mildly crazy physics games should enjoy. I completed it in around the 4 hour mark but would spend more time going back to collect every creature and some bonus bits too. Co-op with drinks could be carnage too.

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Derpy Conga
Final Thoughts
A bit too derpy for its own good at times but largely a good laugh and a head scratcher.
Feels unique.
Puzzles make good use of the conga line gameplay mechanic.
Visually charming.
Some camera angle fighting.
A few clunky platforming issues.
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