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Loot Hero DX – Review

I first played Loot Hero a few years ago on PC and was entertained for a few minutes before thinking it was a mindless endless runner hiding in a clicker experience. I had hoped Loot Hero DX would add more things to do to the experience of just running right and killing enemies until you can’t. Alas, it does not.

Keep. On. Running.

Loot Hero DX is fun for the first ten minutes. You are an overpowered jousting charge running forward and killing anything infront of you. Each level has infinite respawning enemies and inn checkpoints. Killing enemies gives coins that you can spend at the inn to level up your health, power and speed. You also gain XP to level up base stats too. Each level ends with a boss. All of these you just run at and you’ll quickly see if your health bar is going down quicker than your opponents – it is time to run back to an inn to replenish your health and buy more upgrades!

The problem is – that is it. The game loops around the same 8 stages, which can be over in less than a minute each and then just boosts enemy stats quickly to make you grind for it. Every 8 stages you gain a mining minion but to big for gold for you but they contribute so little that they are a meaningless additional screen that you don’t even have to look at. Instead – just keep running.

The shop. This is your gameplay.

To be fair, if there was any kind of extras thrown in to mix things up, Loot Hero DX would have been a potential blast to play but after 15 minutes you’ve seen everything and only the clicker obsessed will want to go beyond the first 20 levels. The rest of us, will just check out and uninstall. A shame.

Loot Hero DX
Final Thoughts
It shows you everything it has to offer within 7 minutes. That says enough.
Feeling very over powered has its charm for a few minutes.
No real strategy.
Repetitive beyond belief.
Minions add nothing.
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