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Mastho is Together – Review

The latest game to join the 2D precision platformer genre is Mastho is Together. It sounds lazy to say it but the catch line here is ‘Super Meatboy Jr’. Mastho definitely requires skill, precision and patience to get through and survive but with checkpoints and no time limits, it makes a good starter for those joining the genre for the first time.

Each level brings more and more challenge as you meander around its single screen of death.

The 40 levels can be completed in under three hours – possibly less than two hours if everything clicks but it took me a while to get used to the controls. Mastho is a sugar free cube that can double jump, use the jumps to wall climb and dash. The dashing can be pointed in the eight compass directions but this was where I ran into some issues. Sometimes my dash wouldn’t trigger or it would move left or right and not diagonally. It’s a bit of a shame because the character is quite versatile to move around but the controls aren’t always as cooperative.

Jumping, dashing and wall jumping are the main controls but I had some issues around directions.

Every five levels, a new game mechanic is added in such as spikes, bounce pads, falling platforms, projects and so on. It keeps the game fresh and changes up the challenge a fair amount. I did find that a lot of the platforming revolved around quick 1-2 punches of jump and dashes to avoid jumping into spikes or avoiding bounce pads and projectiles. For this to really work at its best, I switched controls to the trigger buttons so that I could get my timing and direction on the stick right. I recommend doing the same as it seemed to make the gameplay flow better for me. With no time limits and mid level checkpoints scattered throughout, the penalty for failure is usually small although it gets bigger as you progress through the game. Is it tricky? Definitely! When the controls comply it is always fair through and levels are almost always well timed to keep you moving and on your toes.

Mastho is Together is a cheap and cheerful entry level to precision platforming. Whilst there are some niggles with the controls, the idea is sound. I just wished it did a little more to standout from the crowd.

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Mastho is Together
Final Thoughts
A good cheap entry to the precision platform genre.
Mastho is dexterous.
Checkpoints and lack of timer makes this a good entry level title for precision platforming.
When it all works together, it feels very rewarding.
Not a looker.
One music track repeats very quickly.
A bit of control wrestling.
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