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Poosh XL – Review

AdamVision (previously NickerVision) Studios often specialise in one button arcade games and they are usually extremely simple but maddeningly addictive. With Poosh XL, the solo dev is back with possibly their biggest entry into their series yet and its one of the best of the bunch. Expect to be hitting restart as you chase the online leaderboard scores.

You’ll need to time your movements to avoid moving enemies and walls but you won’t have much time before the yellow beam of death starts to rise from the bottom of the screen.

Poosh XL is all about pushing your electric puck up a procedurally generated lane. Everything looks like its from 1988’s discotheque scene with neon lights and an excellent synthwave soundtrack to get you in the mood. It also makes everything clear. Avoid everything and don’t be slow as the yellow line behind you will kill you too. Now, as its a one button game, the twist is in the controls. A trajectory arrow moves left to right and back again like a windscreen wiper and at the same time a power gauge fills up too. The longer you leave a move, the harder the hit will be and the more likely you’ll touch the edges and die that way. The best way to play Poosh XL is with confidence and with light touches to tip and tap your puck through the never-ending course.

The longer you survive, the more complicated the course becomes. Moving blocks or spinning turnstyles are early challenges but then bombs, conveyor belts, black holes that suck you in and multiple moving parts start to join in. These often mean your puck cannot stay still so it forces you to move quickly and that often leads to a mistake through panic. Obviously, the one button movement by design will cause many deaths but its part of the challenge and fun and a retry is always a quick hit away. I also really like a visual line of where you died last attempt and where your top score is as you take the little wins each run as well earned rewards.

Power ups can be helpful such as granting invincibility or changing the size of the puck. Not all are helpful though!

Alongside unlocking new pucks by hitting certain scores, you’ll also be looking at your online leaderboard positions. This is really well implemented and can be filtered from global to your friends. The are also challenge levels to attack too which have carefully structured levels to time attack. I found these very challenging to complete (I still am trying to clear them all) and whilst they aren’t the main focus, it bolsters out Poosh XL’s offer.

Reminding me One More Line (another one button classic I recommend), Poosh XL is an excellent score attack game. Simple to understand, tricky to master, you’ll be coming back for more over and over again. I wished there was a 2 player head to head mode so you could have a truly level playing field in a competitive environment but that’s the only thing I can critique the game on. It’s a joy to play and highly recommended for anyone who enjoys the quick 10 minute arcade action genre.

Poosh XL
Final Thoughts
Proof that when done right, one button games can be just as fun and addictive as any other. A great score attack game.
Simple to pick up, hard to master.
Online leaderboards make it competitive.
Excellent vibe from the graphics and sound design.
Challenge levels really fill out the game as a full package.
I wish there was a way to replay seeds so you could run true head to heads on the same course as your friends.
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