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Slot the letters in but make sure you can spell!

World Quiz – Review

I just want a quiz game that rivals the fun and depth that Buzz provided. World Quiz is not that game sadly and even picking it up on deep sale has left me disappointed. More frustratingly, there is a good idea here – it has just been executed terribly.

Slot the letters in but make sure you can spell!

In this single-player only quiz game (yes, I know) you are presented with thousands of questions grouped into categories and then levels inside them. Each level consists of five questions around the topic but don’t worry, the levels don’t get trickier. Indeed, the questions are largely randomised and so the difficulty curve is all over the place. To complete the five questions, you are given a selection of letters to build the answer to the question asked below it. If you play on easy, all the letters are correct. Medium and hard provide extra misleading letters for you to filter through and place the correct letters on the answer that’s laid out like a crossword.

If you get stuck, you can spend hint points to either remove incorrect letters, place a single correct letter down or just outright solve the puzzle. This unblocks progression nicely but you gain so many hint points by answering questions easily, you don’t really have to think about hoarding hint points either. You can spend 50 points to get all 5 questions answered for you and get rewarded up to 28 points back for doing that. You can in theory coast through the game answering everything. the questions stay the same across difficulty levels too.

The hint system is overly generous but that means you can get through the ordeal quicker.

There are a lot of problems though. The sports section asks you which country is home to a certain sport but all the questions are wrong. You have to type in the sport name again. The money questions can be answered by either dollar, rupee or euro for half the selection. Some countries are so heavily stilted in the answers that it made me laugh. Similarly, export questions fill up the general knowledge section and 3 out of 4 of those are answered with petroleum. What makes it worse is that the questions are often bunched together, so you’ll answer Denmark 3 times in a row. It just feels cheap.

Add to that a very short looping music piece that doesn’t loop properly, daily quizzes which offer no new questions and a lack of undo or redo functions which makes putting down the letters awkward and you’ve got a game that just fights against itself. I started off excited and bushy-tailed. I’m now about to platinum the game and I just want it to be over. Avoid this. Trivial Pursuit Live 2 and Its Quiz Time outclass this in every way.

World Quiz
Final Thoughts
A decent concept utterly undermined by lazy question clusters and some very odd design choices.
Nice idea to theme a quiz geographically.
Thousands of questions.
Some questions are wrong.
Many questions have the same answer and they're all bundled together lazily.
One very short musical loop.
Single player only.
Fiddly controls.
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