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Flewfie’s Adventure – Review

From the very logo art you’ll see that Flewfie’s Adventure is going to full of cuteness, sparkles, vibrant colours and nyanable carnage. The game absolutely nails its style and aesthetic to perfection. What is refreshing to see is that the beauty is not just skin deep. Flewfie’s Adventure is a solid twin stick shooter that’s darn right adorable.

The world of Flewfie is vibrant and bold – I loved it!

Piloting a UFO spaceship as a cat, you’ll fly across 5 themed worlds and plenty of levels to shoot down evil enemies and rescue your cat friends. Cupcakes have turned evil. Clouds are unhappy. You get the deal. Flewfie handles excellently. Your ship moves like it glides with little after motion so it allows you to be precise and the shooting is easy to understand with the right analogue stick in play. You’ll have a boost which I honestly didn’t use too often and a suction beam underneath your craft. Instead of beaming up cows and humans, you’ll be beaming up different shaped blocks. This is because if you aren’t shooting buttons to trigger things, you’ll be carrying blocks around to place in designated areas to trigger things. These can be doors to open, contraptions to stop or start or something similar.

Puzzles feel like a mixture of simple fetch quests and pinball. Often you’ll need to pick something up and manipulate it around mini mazes or obstacles and these are fun, often short, standalone puzzles. A few levels take this further where you have to move a giant block across the entire level by triggering trap doors and they are fun and enjoyable to complete. This is because Flewfie’s Adventure only ever tasks you with getting to the end of a level and all the bonus coins and animals to collect are optional extras but you can see them dangled like carrots in front of you as you navigate the tube like levels. It rewards exploration by placing treasure chests as extra rewards for doing these challenges and these contain new costumes and UFO pieces. They aren’t just cosmetic, they increase your attack and defence stats too. It makes Flewfie’s Adventure rewarding to go out of your way to become a completionist. Swapping these out with your cat friends is easy and its worth trying different combo’s too. Whilst UFO pieces will usually always be better, different weapons have different attack patterns. Carrots for example have a spread shot and may not be as helpful in tight spaces as a giant doughnut – even though their base attack is higher. It’s fun to just see the chaos in motion. The game is also entirely playable in co-op.

The entire game is playable in Co-Op.

Alongside the twin stick fun there are a few moments where you hop out of the spaceship and walk around. These feel less refined but switch things up a little. Also available throughout is Fyued – a collectable card game. As you rescue animals in levels you can then challenge them to the game on the overworld map like an RPG. Fyued could really benefit with a proper tutorial though as some of its nuance was lost on me. Each player chooses three cards and places them down on three tiles, one after the other. Each card has a stat that pushes left or right and a point value in the centre and if one card overrules the other they’ve just placed down, it flips them over and player receives points. You can chain these moves up too which is where the good players will excel. I didn’t get on with it but its a great addition if you want to dive in and collect all 100 cards. One other thing that surprised me was the amount of bosses – there’s loads! Whilst they are usually a bit of a push over, they have visual spectacle and change the pace of the game a bit.

Whilst the game is fun, addictive and rewarding, there were just a couple of tiny niggles. The soundtrack is great but each song is short and loops quite quickly leading to a bit of fatigue with it. I also found that whilst levels are quite succinct, sometimes the reliance on dragging blocks back and forth across levels to extend the games runtime stuck out a little compared to everything else’s razor sharp delivery.

Using your beam to carry objects will become a staple of puzzle solving.

These are tiny annoyances though in what is a loveable, adorable and moreish game. Flewfie’s Adventure punches above its weight. Alongside Space Otter Charlie, which is a similar styled game, these are two of the best twin stick adventure puzzlers I’ve played recently. A great indie gem.

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Flewfie's Adventure
Final Thoughts
A Twin-Stick shooter that is very playable whilst wearing its personality on its sleeve in full HD colourful glory.
Plays and handles really well.
Excellent artwork with distinctive themes and styles for each area.
Fyeud could be a time sink if you get into it.
A game you can take at your own difficulty level - almost everything is entirely optional but you'll want that 100%!
Customisation is beautiful and meaningful.
Short musical loops give ear fatigue over time.
Flewfie out of the UFO ship is a little clumsy.
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