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Run Little Hero – Review

Sometimes endless runners can be fun as a mindless task. Switch off the brain, see the progression and grow powerful over time. Run Little Hero has a great start offering some light interaction and plenty of upgrades. It all comes undone very quickly though.

Your hero auto runs to the right and can level up as you hit and kill enemies. When you bump into them you will lose health but your character auto loses HP too over time. This means you’ll be collecting coins as enemies die and XP to level up your character – splitting off into a warrior, archer or magician depending on your choices. The upgrades include active and passive abilities as well as stat bumps and overall this system is rewarding and quite engaging. After each run, you come back to your stats page to spend coins or gems for upgrades. So far, so standard but relatively fun to enjoy.

Run Little Hero lets you transform into an archer, magician or warrior. They all keep running right though!

Then treasure chests come into play.

At 10,000 coins or when you complete 3 random missions for a run, you get a treasure chest. Inside each chest is 3 gifts – money, stat boosts or pets you can equip for more stat boosts. The problem is that the chests usually give out more money than you actually spend to get them – specifically when you start buying them in bulk. You can do this within half an hour and so you can’t help yourself but just buy some chests, spam open them, get all the cash and boosts, buy another lot and keep going.

There’s no end to the game – you just keep going and since the economy is totally broken, there’s no point to continue once you’ve got all the achievements by unlocking the RNG pets inside the chests. It is rare I have had a game suddenly turn into an empty husk this spectacularly but Run Little Hero does just that.

If you can stop yourself exploiting the games problem, there’s some limited fun to have here. What a shame.

Run Little Hero
Final Thoughts
A solid endless runner entirely undone with a broken economy system renders this game broken after 20 minutes.
Solid graphics.
Plenty of variations of upgrades to choose from.
Broken economy means you don't have to play the game at all.
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