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Tokyo Run – Review

With a plethora of shovelware games ending up now on the PlayStation Network, occasionally I give one a go. Tokyo Run confirmed my expectations though, these games are woeful and are not worthy of your money.

It looks good in freeze frame – less so in motion.

Tokyo Run is an eight minute platinum of auto running forward down a street collecting yen coins. Sumo wrestlers run towards you and you move left and right to dodge them. Whilst the blocky graphics are a few assets being constantly reused, they at least look passable. The problem is that even as a basic endless runner, its barely functional. Controls are stiff but the sumo wrestlers and coins sometimes get stuck in spawning. Sometimes it can be nearly a minute before any sumo wrestlers run towards you and baring in mind you can get the platinum in 8 minutes, what is it we’re buying here? There is also no penalty for hitting a sumo wrestler. You respawn, as you are, with no point deduction or lives lost. Then you just run forward again.

By lacking any gameplay loop or skill, this is essentially buying a platinum for no reason. This is a waste of 49p and whilst not quite as bad as Chickens on the Road, its a close ran thing. Terrible – don’t but it. Don’t!

Tokyo Run
Final Thoughts
Zero skill, gameplay or technical competence. One of the worst games I've played.
It doesn't hard crash.
No gameplay loop.
No variety.
No penalty for failure.
Technically and morally bankrupt.

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