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Get Packed: Fully Loaded – Review

Local multiplayer co-op carnage has grown in strength over the last few years and Get Packed: Fully Loaded is the latest game to enter the genre. Initially I was concerned that it’d sit to close to Moving Out. That game came out last year and is excellent. Whilst Get Packed: Full Loaded has the same base gameplay, it tackles things a little differently but with great results.

The absolute carnage you can cause is glorious.

Each level in the game can be played between 1 – 4 players locally or online. Each character handles the same and has an optional ragdoll mode button to just throw them around like jelly. Each of the diverse levels has loads of objects for you to pick up and carry into your van. Being able to fit everything in is tricky but you can flat pack an item as a skill. You control the grab of each arm and so long as both arms are grabbing an object, you can flat pack it down although the skill has a cooldown. Knowing when the flatpack and when to ram something through a door or window for speed is key to getting high scores. Random objects are also highlighted as special items to get into the van within a time limit and you get bonus money for sending the van away before those time limits run out.

So far, so Moving Out. So what’s different?

Firstly, the way how the physics work is slightly different. Things are a little more bouncy and explosive here and items are made up of blocks. Drop, smash or break something and it’ll split into smaller chunks. You can still deliver these things as scrap but you’ll get less for it. Items are weighted so that heavier objects require more people to shift but its done on a sliding scale more than ‘this is big, it needs two people’.

Each level has a unique twist both in gameplay mechanics and items to pack. It keeps the game entertaining and fresh.

The main big change though is the level design. Every level feels very unique both in theme and with its objects. Go to museum and try and pack a giant dinosaur skeleton away. At the supermarket there’s a Black Friday crowd riot. At the bank, the police come to arrest you for stealing. Then you can capture UFO’s at the secret base. All these levels have unique pieces to pack that only turn up once or twice. UFO rockets will send you flying. One persons flat has a trampoline to bounce to the top floor on. You can grab random street pedestrians and throw them in the van. The alien too. One level on a construction site has a giant swinging wrecking ball to avoid at all costs. It keeps the game fresh and fun as you find all the hidden missions to clear and unique things to discover.

The main story mode takes about two hours to complete but each level is hugely replayable. Once you’ve scored one star for a level you can progress further on. It also unlocks a time attack mode where you have to find and pack specific items within time limits and the destruction mode where you score by smashing stuff up. In the destruction mode, the dash button is your friend as you can smash into all kinds of things and watch it explode. All of this so far is co-operative. There are 10 specific versus levels too where you can go 1v1 or 2v2 to try and score the most and pack into your own van. This is a great addition to the game too and provides a nice spin on the formula.

Grab the alien – he’s worth a lot!

Get Packed: Fully Loaded is full of charm and character. It’s this, and its varied level design, that makes it stand out from the crowd. Everyone I’ve played it with so far initially came in a little sceptical about whether it will hold up to the genre greats. Everyone afterwards gave it two big thumbs up and so do I. A great gem in the couch co-op genre.

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Get Packed: Fully Loaded
Final Thoughts
A fantastic addition to the couch co-op genre. Manages to stand out through variety and charm alone.
Each level feels unique and well thought out.
Different side missions and extra gameplay mechanics keeps the game fresh.
Versus and co-op, online and offline - works a treat.
Tons of replayability.
Great humour.
Initially similar to Moving Out, which may mean some gamers who have that already may not see the reason to jump.
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